Curating contemporary Art The challenge of curating glass art works

The workshop online is part of the Venice Glass Week - the international festival that the city of Venice dedicates to the art of glass from the 4th to the 12th September 2021, with exhibitions, demonstrations, guided tours, online events and more.

If you become a curator, very often you are facing several challenges and unexpected problematics. Especially at the beginning of your career, when you have to face several different mediums which are pretending a specific professionality that sometimes can be achieved only by the experience.
This workshop intends to present a different type of work and explore new territories where curatorial practices can reach other prospective.
The potentiality of an exhibition of glass art works could be a cultural capital when a professional curatorial practice is activated; a recognition that a well-curated show attracts audiences and that particular curators can add value and capital to glass works of art.

Through 6 sessions of two hours each, we will introduce you to the glass art works, the peculiarities, the history. We will show you how to curate, express care and respect for an extremely precious and fragile form of art.
Led by our global faculty, the course, is combining live lectures and discussion — to provide participants with expert insight and guided exploration.The fee per course is 550 euro. In case you choose to take part to more than one course, a discount of 100 euro will be applied to the fee of the next courses.

Our Online Delivery Method
Online Study Lectures effectively run over the week – Monday to Friday from 6pm to 8pm CET – maintaining our usual tours’ focused, intensive and immersive experience.
Live Seminars - Each lecture is two hours long at the end of each lecture we will have a half an hour for questions and discussions. Your tutor will hold live seminars with you and discussions are accessed via a web-link which we will email to you. These sessions enable you to ‘meet’ your tutor and fellow students. To participate you will only need an internet enabled device; you do not need a account. If you have questions that you were not able to raise in the discussions, you will also be able to communicate with your tutor by email.

Monday 6th September 2021
6. – 8. Pm CET

Introduction to the program and to the glass and its role in the city of Venice. The glass production finds its root in the history of the city of Venice and it is related to its tradition.

Tuesday 7th September 2021
6. – 8. Pm CET

The potentiality of glass as a material used for developing new types of works: an overview of contemporary artists using the glass for their works.

Wednesday 8th September 2021
6. – 8. Pm CET

Exhibitions of contemporary art devoted to glass works. Analysis of the typology, display and artists. The curatorial approach

Thursday 9th September 2021
6. – 8. Pm CET

Practical aspects: How to conceive a concept that relates also to the typology of works. The process.

Friday 10th September 2021
6. – 8. Pm CET

Practical detail: Problematics related to glass: packaging and shipping. Exhibiting works made by glass, what should be considered in the practical display.

Monday 13th September 2021
6. – 8. Pm CET
The residency for artists, the possibility of production of glass art works. Meeting with an artist working with the glass.