Works by Whitney Claflin | Stephan Dillemuth | Rochelle Goldberg | Nick Mauss | Sophie Reinhold | Mark Van Yetter | Miriam Yammad. Curated by Saim Demircan and the emerging curators from the School for Curatorial Studies Venice. For this exhibition, sixteen emerging curators, working with curator and writer Saim Demircan, have collectively read W.G. Sebald’s Schwindel. Gefühle (Vertigo) as a tool for storytelling in exhibition making. In the second and third chapters of Vertigo, Sebald narrates twin journeys from Vienna to Venice made by two literary figures; the author himself, or rather, a version of himself, and a Dr K. Sebald’s trips between Austria and Italy, made in the 1980s, are actually based on a documented trip made by the writer Franz Kafka in 1913.