Transit Zone, an exhibition dedicated to the theme of identity in contemporary society. This exhibition is the final stage of a course organized by the gallery that offered young curators the opportunity to explore in depth what setting up a contemporary exhibition entails, from the concept to the realisation. This exhibition hopes to stimulate reflection on the theme of individual and cultural identity in contemporary society. The young artists taking part have put forward their personal reflections, interpreting the spaces of the gallery and some Venetian work sites. Works of photography, video, installations and performance are presented in two kinds of space: one, the A+A Gallery, is a ‘closed” space while the “Insula” work sites dotted around the city, symbol of the co-existence between different cultures, provide an “open” space. Two of the “Insula” project sites have been given over to the artists, one opposite the Santa Lucia Railway Station, in the San Simeon Piccolo Church, the other in Campo San Vio. The artists have to deal not only with the white cube space of the Gallery, but also with the water-city and its inhabitants. On one hand, their works consider the identity of contemporary society, the fruit of many different ‘I’s and on the other, a more intimate and homely dimension is considered, and indeed, the closed and protected space of the gallery seems more suitable to spark off a series of considerations on individual identity, one’s own body and one’s personal ‘I’. Artists: Elena Arzuffi, Marco Pernacchia, Claudia Bortolato, Leonardo Toscani, Gea Casolaro, Barbara Fässler, Michael Fliri, Anila Rubiku, Nico Vascellari, Cristina Zamagni